Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wire Check - 9/8/09


- The Brad Penny game against the Dodgers this weekend is must see TV. [SJ Mercury]

- Actually, the real story is the fact the Giants are not going to make the playoffs because they traded for Sanchez instead of Victor Martinez. Don't worry, he is only hitting .323 since the trade in the toughest division in baseball. [SF Gate]

- The A's future does seem bright. They have no real hitting prospects, they could be playing in one of three different cities in 3 years and they have traded away countless your players which they were supposed to be the best at evaluating. Why are newspapers going out of business again? I am sure it has nothing to do with biased writers. [SF Gate]


- What do you think happens first? JaMarcus Russell goes bankrupt or Al Davis dies. Also, Cam Inman said the Magic were going to beat the Lakers because Dwight Howard can dunk hard. What a credible sports source. [CC Times]

- Pointless Niners article ... enjoy. [SJ Mercury]

College Football

- Best game of the college football season may have been played last night. [CNNSI]

- Having a good offensive line is really not that important. [ESPN]

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