Friday, September 4, 2009

Wire Check - 9/4/09


- Trading one prospect for Freddie Sanchez sure makes a lot more sense than trading 3 for Victor Martinez. The Giants offense is on FIRE! [SF GATE]

- All the national media articles are talking about Pedro out dueling Lincecum and these articles got me thinking. Can you imagine how good Lincecum's numbers would be if he got to face the Giants a couple times a year!?! [CNNSI]

- The Mariners were a lock last night. I wish I would have posted it on Twitter [SJ Mercury]

- The only good sports writer in the Bay Area continues to get it right. [SJ Mercury]

- I love this headline "Posey's rough journey". I have too many sarcastic comments in my head so I decided to let you think of your own. [SF Gate]

Pro Football

- I hate pre-season football [SJ Mercury]

- Seriously, what is the point of the Raiders? [Contra Costa Times]

College Football

- First overrated football team of the season ... the Oregon Ducks. [CNNSI]

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