Monday, November 30, 2009

Wire Check - 11/30/2009


The offense is in a state of flux, but the 49ers will make the playoffs on the play of the defense. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Mike Singletary's actions point to him being less stubborn than we think. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Mark Purdy flip flops on Alex Smith and apologizes. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Singletary was impressed by the leadership from his offensive players. [Press'>">Press Democrat]


You know how the Warriors need a true point guard? Well, apparently there's a ton in the NBA today. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

The bottom 10 plays from the Raiders Thanksgiving loss to the Cowboys. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Pay the man. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

The A's are showing interest in a Cuban defector, just not the good one. [CC'>">CC Times]

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wire Check - 11/19/2009


* The Warriors are playing with a lot more heart now that Jackson is gone. To bad they have played the Cavs and Celtics on the road. [SF Gate]

* Where will Monta end up? How about the Warriors!? [SJ Merc]


* The Chronicle proves once again that they don't know anything about sports. [SF Gate]

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wire Check - 11/18/09


Warriors lose to the Cavaliers. RT, did they cover? Also, an update of the "Big Meeting" tomorrow between management and Monta Ellis. LeBron James was giving Stephen Curry advice after the game. LBJ a GSW next year? I kid. I kid. [CC'>">CC Times]


Andrew Bailey won the Rookie of the Year, now the A's need to find one that swings a bat. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Lincecum has to go to court before the judge signs off on his pot ticket. Can't blame the judge for wanting an autograph, right? [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Matt Wilhelm stepped up nicely when he came in for a hurting Takeo Spikes who may still be out Sunday. [Sac'>">Sac Bee]

No starting QB has been announced for the Raiders, but there's other stuff to talk about, too. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Chris Johnson and his quest for 2,000 yards rushing. [NY'>">NY Times]

Monday, November 16, 2009

Wire Check - 11/16/09


Big news of the day: The Warriors traded Stephen Jackson and Acie Law to the Bobcats for Raja Bell and Vladamir Radmonovic. [CC'>">CC Times] RT, will have something a little more in-depth later today, but the Warriors definitely are "winners" in this trade. The team could be worse without Jackson from a talent standpoint, but the Warriors weren't going to the playoffs. Sorry Dubs fans. Acie Law and Raja Bell are on expiring deals. Radmonovic has a $6.9M option for next season, while Jackson has $28M over the NEXT three years, not counting 2009. We'll wait and see if RT thinks there is any more wheeling and dealing left.

Kawkami chimes in, from vacation. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]


The Raiders' failures are directly related to their last three 1st round picks: Russell, McFadden and Heyward-Bey. [CC'>">CC Times] I'll even expand on the last 10 Raiders' first round picks: Michael Huff, Fabian Washington, Robert Gallery, Nnamdi Asomugha, Philip Buchanon, Derek Gibson, Seabstian Janikowski. One great player, Asomugha, and the rest is garbage.

Gwen Knapp summarizes the Alex Smith experiment. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

JaMarcus Russell, still bad. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Stanford is the Bay Area feel good football story. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Matt Maiocco presents the 49ers road to a Wild Card slot. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

How an uncapped 2010 affects the 49ers roster. [Sac'>">Sac Bee]

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wire Check - 11/13/09


Kawakami sums it up best: "Josh McDaniels saved the 49ers season…by trading Jay Cutler to the Bears last off-season." [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

It's about a 50/50 chance Frank Gore will become the 49ers all-time leading rusher. Raise your hand if you knew who the current all time rushing leader was? You're lying. [ProFootballReference'>">ProFootballReference]

Matt Wilhelm made some big plays filling in for Take Spikes. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Post game quotes from both locker rooms. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

You know it's bad when Mark Roman gets an INT on you. He hadn't had one since 2006! [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

The loss was not entirely Cutler's fault. [NFP'>">NFP]

You want to watch the Raiders on Sunday? Well, you better buy a ticket. [Sac'>">Sac Bee]


John Shea tries to forecast the bad contracts that will be offered this off season. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Sharks blow a two goal lead and then lose in shoot out. Whatever, wake me when it's the playoffs. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wire Check - 11/12/2009


* Bears-Niners! It looks like I am not the only one who likes the Niners in this one. [SF Gate]

* Apparently, the Niners are having a bad season because of little mistakes. I thought not having a quarterback was a HUGE mistake!? [SJ Merc]

* Some Raiders lineman is doing well ... besides his Mom and Dad, nobody cares. [CC Times]


* Koski and I came up with a new plan for the Warriors yesterday. Instead of trading Jackson, they should keep him, have the second worst record in the league (no place suck like New Jersey), draft John Wall out of Kentucky and trade Curry to the Knicks for the top pick for the next four years. I really don't see how this does not make the team better in 2013. [SJ Merc]

* TK thinks Curry will be fine. Agreed. [SJ Merc]

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wire Check - 11/11/2009

The fact that Kawakami felt he had to write this article is embarrassing. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]


The most over-hyped non-story of the week: Vernon Davis' supposed bulletin board material, “The guys up front, I think we can destroy them. I don’t see anything spectacular about their front line.” Whatever. It's two teams without a winning record playing in the middle of November, not Joe Namath before Super Bowl III. Retarded. [SJ'>,%20I%20think%20we%20can%20destroy%20them.%20I%20don%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%99t%20see%20anything%20spectacular%20about%20their%20front%20line.%C3%A2%C2%80%C2%9D">SJ Merc]

Is there anything Stanford football announcer, Bob Murphy can't do? [SF'>">SF Merc]


WTF?!?!?! Were in the second week of the NBA season and the All Star ballots are out? [SFGate'>">SFGate]

You know what's not helping the Warriors trade Stephen Jackson? Everybody saying the need to trade him. [SFGate'>">SFGate] P.S. It's not going to help.


Baggarly sees Molina's chances of returning to the Giants somewhere between remote and unlikely. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]


Dan Boyle, last night's hero. [SFGate'>">FGate]

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wire Check - 11/10/2009


* Let me get this straight ... if Stephen Jackson distributes the ball and plays the big point guard the team needs to have Monta play his natural position at point guard, the Warriors are really good!? I have no idea who would have thought that was a good idea. [SF Gate]

* Am I the only one that finds it ironic that Stephen Jackson's agent is ripping the only coach who could make his client look good enough to get a ridiculous long term contract? [SF Gate]

* Jackson will be gone in a few weeks. Challenge. [Yahoo Sports]


* The Dominican Republic is a really shady place. [SF Gate]


* Chiefs v. Raiders this weekend. Yikes. [CC Times]

* At what point can Singletary say "we are sticking with the quarterback that gives us the best chance to take the highest rated quarterback in next year's draft" [CC Times]

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wire Check - 11/9/09


Ugly 49ers loss yesterday with 4 turnovers leading to 24 points for the Titans. Officially, MAYDAY! [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Matt Maiocco breaks down each turnover concludes that Alex Smith's eyes betrayed him. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

Jerry Mac looks ahead at the Raiders' remaining schedule. [CC'>">CC Times]

Things aren't too friendly between the NFLPA and the League. [CC'>">CC Times]

Gwen Knapp doesn't like Thurdsday NFL games. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Mike Lombardi's First Half thoughts. [NFP'>">NFP]

Lombardi mentions the 49ers are in a tough spot and I tend to agree. Before the losing streak, I was content to wait out Hill and let him manage. Hill's inability to make all the NFL throws (15 yard outs, especially) caused him to be benched. Smith has a better arm, but makes too many turnovers. I was close to dead set on not taking a QB with one of the two 1st round picks next season, but unless Smith shows A LOT more down the stretch, I'll take Bradford, McCoy or Claussen next April.


Names being linked to the A's: Chone Figgins, Vlad Guerrero. [CC'>">CC Times]

Angel Villalona's trial should begin soon, maybe? God bless the USA court system (weird, right?) [SJ'>">SJ Merc]


RT, how does it feel when the Warriors' season is over five games into the schedule? [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

MTII's post game wrap including: Cap'n Jack no likey Omri Casspi. [CC'>">CC Times]

Friday, November 6, 2009

Wire Check - 11/06/09


Lincecum got busted. I hope he wins the Cy Young even more now. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Baggarly with some clever taunts Lincecum may hear in the future. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Ray Ratto, you're old and out of touch. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Ratto reminds Raiders fans that they have not sunk as low as possible. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

2008 First round pick, Kentwan Balmer, will see increased playing time over the next few weeks. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch's plan on implementing a spread offense. Slowly. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Usually, teams like to lay low on a bye week. The Raiders can't help themselves. [CC'>">CC Times]


Warriors-Clippers preview. (Everybody, but RT yawns.) [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Sharks, lose? Sharks lose. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Women's soccer, dirtier than you think. [Deadspin'>">Deadspin]

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wire Check - 11/4/09


Hey Warriors fans! Are you ready for some Anthony Randolph? Too bad. [SJ'>">SJ Mercs]

It's game three and Scott Ostler is calling it a "must win?" Stupid. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Ray Ratto's one-year assessment of Singletary. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Kawakami says the second half of the season will test Singletary's abilities. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Everybody's asking why the 49ers didn't spread out their offense against Indy. Matt Maiocco has your answer. [Press'>">Press Democrat]


John Shea with predictable hind sight. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Watch some young A's in the Arizona Fall League on the MLB Network. [CC'>">CC Times]

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wire Check - 11/3/09


* It's funny that the Raiders are thinking about firing Cable because of his off the field issues. I would fire him for his on-the-field issues. [SF Gate]

* His defense did not give up a touchdown pass to Peyton Manning and almost beat the best team in the NFL. The week before his team was getting blown out on the road and they had a chance to tie or win the game at the end. However, Kawakami wonders if Singletary can coach. Personally, I think he has a legitimate question here. [SJ Merc]

* Besides Cam "Dwight Howard can dunk hard so the Magic are better than the Lakers" Inman, who cares what Lane Kiffin thinks about the Raiders? [CC Times]


* The Giants have developed one major league hitter from within the organization in the last 15 years. Makes sense to promote one of the minor league coaches to the Giants hitting coach. They are killing it in the Giants building these days! It is time to throw a parade! [SF Gate]

* Would anybody be "shocked" if the Phillies won the World Series? Seriously. [CNNSI]


* Azubuike will start. In other news, Nellie is still playing Stephen Jackson so who cares. [SJ Merc]