Friday, November 6, 2009

Wire Check - 11/06/09


Lincecum got busted. I hope he wins the Cy Young even more now. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Baggarly with some clever taunts Lincecum may hear in the future. [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Tsk, tsk, tsk, Ray Ratto, you're old and out of touch. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Ratto reminds Raiders fans that they have not sunk as low as possible. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

2008 First round pick, Kentwan Balmer, will see increased playing time over the next few weeks. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch's plan on implementing a spread offense. Slowly. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Usually, teams like to lay low on a bye week. The Raiders can't help themselves. [CC'>">CC Times]


Warriors-Clippers preview. (Everybody, but RT yawns.) [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Sharks, lose? Sharks lose. [SFGate'>">SFGate]


Women's soccer, dirtier than you think. [Deadspin'>">Deadspin]

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