Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wire Check - 11/3/09


* It's funny that the Raiders are thinking about firing Cable because of his off the field issues. I would fire him for his on-the-field issues. [SF Gate]

* His defense did not give up a touchdown pass to Peyton Manning and almost beat the best team in the NFL. The week before his team was getting blown out on the road and they had a chance to tie or win the game at the end. However, Kawakami wonders if Singletary can coach. Personally, I think he has a legitimate question here. [SJ Merc]

* Besides Cam "Dwight Howard can dunk hard so the Magic are better than the Lakers" Inman, who cares what Lane Kiffin thinks about the Raiders? [CC Times]


* The Giants have developed one major league hitter from within the organization in the last 15 years. Makes sense to promote one of the minor league coaches to the Giants hitting coach. They are killing it in the Giants building these days! It is time to throw a parade! [SF Gate]

* Would anybody be "shocked" if the Phillies won the World Series? Seriously. [CNNSI]


* Azubuike will start. In other news, Nellie is still playing Stephen Jackson so who cares. [SJ Merc]

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