Monday, November 9, 2009

Wire Check - 11/9/09


Ugly 49ers loss yesterday with 4 turnovers leading to 24 points for the Titans. Officially, MAYDAY! [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

Matt Maiocco breaks down each turnover concludes that Alex Smith's eyes betrayed him. [Press'>">Press Democrat]

Jerry Mac looks ahead at the Raiders' remaining schedule. [CC'>">CC Times]

Things aren't too friendly between the NFLPA and the League. [CC'>">CC Times]

Gwen Knapp doesn't like Thurdsday NFL games. [SFGate'>">SFGate]

Mike Lombardi's First Half thoughts. [NFP'>">NFP]

Lombardi mentions the 49ers are in a tough spot and I tend to agree. Before the losing streak, I was content to wait out Hill and let him manage. Hill's inability to make all the NFL throws (15 yard outs, especially) caused him to be benched. Smith has a better arm, but makes too many turnovers. I was close to dead set on not taking a QB with one of the two 1st round picks next season, but unless Smith shows A LOT more down the stretch, I'll take Bradford, McCoy or Claussen next April.


Names being linked to the A's: Chone Figgins, Vlad Guerrero. [CC'>">CC Times]

Angel Villalona's trial should begin soon, maybe? God bless the USA court system (weird, right?) [SJ'>">SJ Merc]


RT, how does it feel when the Warriors' season is over five games into the schedule? [SJ'>">SJ Merc]

MTII's post game wrap including: Cap'n Jack no likey Omri Casspi. [CC'>">CC Times]

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