Friday, September 25, 2009

Wire Check - 9/25/09


The 49ers were not a preseason sleeper this season. After a 2-0 start, the media is warming up to the team, but Mike Singletary wants his team to be wary of evil. The Evil of Overconfidence. [Yahoo!]

Possible scenarios for Michael Crabtree. [NFP]

Football Outsiders looks at the Top 10 QB contracts in the NFL. [Football Outsiders]

Tough test for Cal this week at UO. [SFGate]

P-Willy stays grounded. [Merc]

Are the Raiders making progress this season? You won't know unless you buy a ticket. [Sac Bee]


Jeff Baker to Giants' playoff hopes, "I crush you!" [SFGate]

Go see the new faces of the A's franchise...before Beane trades them. Sorry A's fans, couldn't resist. [SFGate]

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