Thursday, September 3, 2009

Wire Check - 9/3/09


- Sports Illustrated continues their love affair with the Giants. Seriously, they love the Giants. [CNNSI]

- When you strike out 2 batters in 8 innings and you throw 94 mph, your fastball is straight as an arrow. [SF Gate]

- I love that Bengie Molina can be pissed off at the Giants for calling up a catcher when he has not been behind the plate in a week because of injury. When did guys making millions of dollars to play a game become so sensitive!?! [SF Gate]

- The A's are still playing?? [SF Gate]


- The NFL preview from the best football writer on the planet. [CNNSI]

- Is there anything more pointless than who wins the third string quarterback position for the Raiders? I can't wait to read the article on the 5th starter spot for the A's. [Contra Costa Times]


- Never too early for the National media to predict the Warriors are going to be nothing short of terrible. [ESPN]

College Football

- That's right, it is college football time!! [ESPN]

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