Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wire Check - 9/30/09


Here's a Michael Crabtree update. [Twitter]

No plans to make any roster moves with Gore on the shelf for a couple weeks. [Sac Bee]

The Raiders bring back a familiar face to return kicks. [CC Times]


Is it good or bad that Bengie Molina could be the best San Francisco Giants catcher of all time? [SFGate]

A's. [SFGate]

Kawakami supports bringing back Sabean-Bochy, but be sure to add fine print. [Merc]


Do you think Bruce Jenkins knows the Warriors SBNation site is called, Golden State of Mind? I say no. [SFGate]

Cam Inman says Ellis and Jackson are brats. [CC Times]

Kawakami says Ellis and Jackson are smarter than management. [Merc]

Marcus Thompson's Camp Notes from Day 1. [CC Times]


For the Sharks' newest #1 fan, RT. Ray Ratto rains on your parade. [SFGate]

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