Monday, September 28, 2009

Wire Check - 9/28/09


Kawkami's recap of both Bay Area teams' Sundays. [Merc] I agree with TK's assessment of the 49ers game. Brett Favre made a perfect throw that 90% of NFL QB's wouldn't make and Greg Lewis made an amazing catch that 90% of NFL WRs wouldn't make. Don't complain about the last series when the Niners ran three times and punted. Everyone wants the take hindsight and say if they had only gotten a first down by passing, they would have won the game. What would you say if they tried to pass and threw an incomplete pass leaving the Vikings with 40 extra seconds AND a timeout for the final drive? You'd ask why Singletary didn't just run the ball. A gritty performance on the road, losing Frank Gore on the first play and not converting a third down all day, and Minnesota still needed a miracle play to win. I didn't see any of the Raiders game due to black out related reasons, but JaMarcus Russell is getting closer to bust-ville every game.

The final drive through the eyes of Brett Favre. [SFGate]

Cam Inman asks, Is the bloom already off Cal's rose? I answer, Yes. [CC Times]

You know you're bad when even Scott Ostler can tee off on your franchise. [SFGate]

Mark Purdy on what the 49ers should remember from yesterday's loss. [Merc]


In Baggs' post game notes from last night, only three SF Giants have got 200 hits in a season. [Merc]

John Shea checks in on how ex-A's have done since they've left Oakland. [SFGate]

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