Friday, September 11, 2009

Wire Check - 9/11/09


* That's right - I am starting off with a hockey story. Everyone knows that I don't bother rooting for the Sharks because the will break your heart more than any other professional franchise in the USA today. Every year they play well and fizzle in the playoffs. Numerous people have asked me why I root for the Giants because they basically do the same thing. My response has always been that besides 2003 I never expected the Giants to go to the World Series. However, I have had a change of heart. (Save me the hypocrite emails). While the Giants continually fail to pull the trigger on a big trade or signing (Vlad, Manny, Holiday, Victor Martinez ...), the Sharks are on the verge of trading their captain because Sharks management knows "we can not win the Stanley Cup with or without you". This trade might blow in their face but at least they are going for it! Is anyone listening on the third floor of the Giants Building!?!?


* Speaking of teams not going for it - the Giants have decided not to play Buster Posey because he might struggle and they would fail to make the playoffs. So why is Edgar Renteria, Kevin Fransen and Travis Ishikawa playing at all?

* Skip down to question #2. I love the concept of someone asking a yes or no question and your answer is ... yes and no. Henry - stick to breaking news and stop writing articles.

* Sometimes I wonder if I am the only person that realizes the Giants playoff run ended on August 24th. What is the point of talking about a playoff rotation? Unless it is September 2010, I really don't this article is relevant. Is his next article is he going to write about how Andy Roddick can still win the 2009 US Open?

* It took me 3 minutes to stop laughing after I read this headline. Why are newspapers going out of business again?


* The Madden cover curse continues.

* I want to know the answer to this question, why should the Niners play Frank Gore in more than 10 games? There is no reason to put miles on his tires in a season where 9-7 is the best they can be. Playing him in all 16 games is like a NASCAR driver driving his race car to each race.

* Today is full of great articles - the headline of this article is "Seymour stays away, likely won't play Monday". Wait a second, the guy that is 50/50 on even showing up is unlikely to play on Monday. Where else can you get this kind of hard hitting news than the Contra Costa Times!?

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