Monday, September 21, 2009

Wire Check - 9/21/09


New news on the Michael Crabtree front. The 49ers have filed tampering charges with the NFL accusing the Jets of malfeasance. [Press Democrat]

This is the most interesting article about the contract issues between Crabtree and the 49ers. [National Football Post]

The Niners are 2-0 and Matt Maiocco breaks down every players performance from yesterday's win against Seattle. [Press Democrat]

We're only two weeks into the NFL season, but the 49ers and Raiders are better than they've been in recent years. [Merc]

As the 49ers gain victories, Crabtree loses leverage. [CC Times]

Scott Ostler, who do you think you are? Writing actual columns? JaMarcus Russ ell was bad, but good enough at the end to steal a win. [SFGate] JaMarcus Russell is a drive killer. he can't complete the short passes consistently and that leads to a lot of three and outs. He's got a great arm and throws a nice deep ball, but the inaccuracy is maddening. Also, was anybody else bothered that the 6'7" QB couldn't throw a screen over a d-lineman?

Frank Gore etched his name in the record books next to Barry Sanders as the only two backs with two touchdown runs over 75 yards in the same game. [Merc]

Darren McFadden beat the Chiefs last season on the same play he beat the Chiefs with this season. [SFGate]


The Giants are almost assuredly not going to make the playoffs and some other terrifying news surfaced yesterday. Top Giants prospect, Angel Villalona, has turned himself in to police in the Dominican Republic where he is suspected of...murder! [SFGate] Wow.

A's fans continue to search for silver linings with a 13-5 record in September. [SFGate]

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