Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wire Check - 9/29/09


* I said it at the start of the season and I will say it now ... betting against the Raiders this season will earn you a better return than the S&P 500. (Especially, if you bet big after they win). In other news, the Raiders are terrible. [SF Gate]

* I would pay a decent amount of money to be a fly in the interrogation with the Tom Cable and the Napa Police ...

Napa Police: "So if you didn't break his jaw, how did he break it?"

Tom Cable: "He must have fallen down the stairs."

I cannot get enough of this story [CC Times]

* Is a vote of confidence from Tom Cable really a vote of confidence? [CC Times]

* Gore is going to be out three weeks. However, Shaun Hill is perfectly healthy so the Niners are still have a one dimensional offense. [CNNSI]

* To be clear, if you lose by more than 30 in a season, you no longer have any right to be considered a top 10 team. [ESPN]


* What is more ironic? A) The fact that Stephen Jackson's contract is too big to be traded or B) The fact that Stephen Jackson's best chance to win over the life of his contract is probably with the Warriors because none of the win now teams want him. (However, Danny Ferry continues to prove that he is one of the worst GMs in NBA history so there is a chance he would trade for Stephan Jackson) [SJ Merc]


* Keeping Bochy makes sense but Sabaen might just be too gun shy to build a World Series contender. [SJ Merc]

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