Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Wire Check - 3/31/09


The Warriors lost to the Memphis Grizzlies at home. What? I know, I thought the season had already ended. Kawakami dissects the differences between quitting and tanking, and the Warriors aren't tanking.


Apparently, Ray Ratto has joined the blogosphere, and I wasn't informed? Any-hoo , the Tigers released Gary Sheffield and will be paying his $14.5 million contract this year while Shef plays for some other team, like the A's. Nice.

Joey Devine's arm is not 100%, uh-oh.

Native son, Kevin Frandsen, has been cut. Tough luck, he was going to get his chance to prove himself last season and tore his achilles.

Bruce Jenkins offers his USA WBC dream team, with an interesting cameo.

Now that A's owner Lew Wolff is calling his pal Bud Selig for a feasibility study on a new ballpark, I wonder if the A's will be the Seattle Supersonics of the MLB?


Singletary v. Nolan in the opener? Kind of. The preseason opener.


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