Friday, March 13, 2009

Should the Warriors Trade Ellis? RT says NO

Trading Monta Ellis is a really bad idea.

Let’s get one thing straight – most of the Warriors “fans” bitching about Monta Ellis and the entire team are people who have no idea who Chris Mills is and think Run TMC was a rap group. For those of us blindly loyal Warriors fans we realize that the team has not seen a non-playoff Warrior team with this most potential in the last 20 years. Monta Ellis is critical to the team reaching its lofty potential with which some of us see.

Winning the NBA championship is about having a few great players and role players that complement the star player’s inefficiencies. Without Monta Ellis, the Warriors have ZERO great players. I don’t need a TI-82 to realize that obtaining a few great players is a lot easier when you already have one.

The last time the Warriors had a great player (Webber) after a dysfunctional season, the Warriors fell into an abyss for 13 years. While predicting 13 years of future futility if Ellis departs might be a little extreme, the idea of this team going nowhere for the next 5 years doesn’t seem farfetched.

All I hear from Warriors fans and handcuffed/uninformative writers is that Anthony Randolph could turn into an IT player. Obviously, we have a few more years to see if he is the one that the prophecy talked about but I ask you – where are the Warriors if they jettison Monta and Randolph lives up to his potential!? Still Nowhere

Monta is one of the very few players that can get his shot whenever he wants it and makes it when he is fully healthy. Not to mention, he has AI like fearlessness which is required of an elite player. The 2007/2008 version of Monta could (will) return next season and the Warriors are set to build up some much-needed confidence for the coming seasons.

The one-two punch of Monta and Randolph could be something special for years to come. There is no reason to break that up after one lost season. A core of Biedrins, Ellis and Randolph could be just the foundation the Warriors need to finally move into the upper half of the Western conference in a couple years. There is no reason to blow up the young core right now so stop suggesting it Koski!!

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