Friday, March 27, 2009

Wire Check - 3/27/09


Susan Slusser reviews Orlando Cabrera's rough 2008. And leftovers.

Ray Ratto on the A's and Giants: They are who we thought they were.

Edgar Renteria wonders why countries like Italy and South Africa were invited to the WBC, but not Colombia?

Stiglich says The Duke is likely DL bound.

Giants season ticket sales are down 25%. That shoule be viewed as a victory given the nature of the roster. I hope Bill Neukom thanks God everyday for Tim Lincecum.


The 49ers Parys Haralson: Best stats per dollar earned on the roster.


MT-II's latest "Stay or Go?", Corey Maggette. I think we all know the answer, right RT?

Mark Purdy says don't count on Nellie making the Hall of Fame. That's fine withe me, but can we gt Mullin in there, please!

Kawakami revisits his NBA draft preview from last year and


Sharks lose on the road. The team really spoiled us at the beginning of the season. I know they're #1, but it sure doesn't feel like they're playing like it.

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