Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wire Check - 3/26/09


- The only story worth reading about Jamal Crawford is the one where he opts out a promises not to resign with the Warriors. Of course, you could read this article.

- Koski says "let the Aztec Nation rejoice, we are going to MSG".

- Blake Griffin the next Amare!? Stop laughing. A local sportswriter really thinks this. I promise you that I will hold him accountable.


- Wilson gives the Giants an edge according to the Mercury. I was unaware he could hit.

- This is what I am talking about. Who is hungry!?

- Seriously, is there a sportswriter that is more of a biased, homer than Henry Schulman!? As long as the two best players in the country hate each other, they will never have a team in the WBC. We are a couple weeks away from the baseball season and this is the garbage we get from the Chronicle.


- The Sharks should demand that the hockey season is shortened to a month so they can have a chance to win the Stanley Cup. As it stands, they are starting to look like round 1 losers.


- Who wants more football? ME!!

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