Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wire Cehck - 3/18/09


Kawakami reviews Baron's return to the Oracle. My thoughts: Who cares? Baron's just a rat that jumped from a sinking ship to sunken ship.

TK also says Ellis is getting back to his old self. If you read last week's debate, where I destroyed RT once again, the better Ellis plays the more the W's can get for him in a trade. Win-win.

Ratto has the tale of the tape between Cal and Maryland's coaches.

I guess someone has to write about the Women's NCAA and Stanford and all.

The MUST READ article of the week is Monte Poole's revelaing look at the Warriors' problems. Read it, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll curse the gods.

Nellie has masterfully spun his "trade Jamal Crawford" platform by saying neither Crawford nor Monta are good enough defensively to run point, so one has to go and it's not going to be Monta.

If you saw Warriors' President Robert Rowell passing out Kool-aid would you drink it? Matt Steinmetz already has.

Via Rob Neyer, Freakanomics blog has some interesting NCAA tourney stats.


John Shea looks at the A's Landon Powell, drafted before Kurt Suzuki, but now behind him.

Bruce Jenkins has some suggestions for the WBC.

Scott Ostler looks to see who will be the most valuable Bay Area baseballer. Ostler says Linceum is the easy, lazy pick. Oh, really? I thought it was obvious that he's miles better than every other A or Giant.

Baggs is back and he looks at the rise of Jesus...Guzman, that is.

Schulman adds to the legend of Jesus' mighty home run.

Next stop on the MCC projection train? Aaron Rowand. Mmmm, mediocre.

If you have the MLB Network and you want to see their A's spring training piece, it was on last night. Don't sweat, it's being replayed tonight at 9 PDT.

After some brief NIT coverage, Jenkins praises Harold Reynolds and bashes Joe Morgan.


Gwen Knapp says the Broncos loss is the Raiders gain. Whatever, the Raiders are still the Raiders.

Nancy Gay recaps the Kiffin-Davis reunion from yesterday.

Jason Jones tackles a reader's question: Will Mario Henderson move to RT?

Jerry Mac chatted with Raiders fans yesterday.

Matt Maiocco and Bee-Rows talk about the 49ers bringing in Steelers OT and Skyline High alum Marvel Smith. If he's healthy and he signs, the 49ers could end up doing something I was sure they wouldn't do, draft a QB at #10.


Obligatory Sharks link.

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