Monday, March 16, 2009

Wire Check - 3/16/09

NCAA Tourney

Kawakami breaks down his bracket.

What's difference between Cal and St. Mary's? Money, says Ratto.

Mark Purdy says Mike Montgomery is back where he belongs.


Lane Kiffin looked more insane than the Raiders until Al Davis upped the ante.

The Raiders signed Khalif Barnes to a one year contract. Oakland will not be drafting a Tackle with their first round pick.


MT-II busts out his awesome post game notes. Plus, next Warrior for the "Stay or Go?" column, Jamal Crawford.

Janny Hu's post game notes.

Kawakami's post game notes and in typical Kawakami style.


Big mistake by Andrew Baggarly giving Dan Brown the keys to his blog while he's away. Brown gets all defensive with Edgar Renteria.


The Sharks get some of their big guns back tonight.

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