Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wire Check - 3/3/09


- Is Kurt Warner really the answer for the Niners!?

- Nothing funny about the situation off the coast of Florida

- For those of you die hard Raiders fans, Ekejiuba is staying with the team!!


- I would like to thank the most biased man in sports reporting (Henry Schulman) for this pointless post. If the fact that a guy writing a blog post about the Giants-A's shortstop situation and fails to mention anything about their contracts doesn't bother you, then I would appreciate it if you stopped reading our website. you obviously enjoy being a mindless lemming

- Crosby would welcome a trade but no team in MLB would.

- The next great Giant: Madison Bumgarner


- It is sad that it is news that this article is considered news. I feel like an idiot just posting it

- Wait a second, you are telling me this Randolph guy deserves playing time!?


- The Sharks are looking to make a trade. No word on if it is for the Red Wings.

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