Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wire Check - 3/12/09


A Giant wins one for Puerto Rico. This is a big season for Jonathan Sanchez. His development this season will determine his role moving forward. The front office will decide whether he's a valuable piece for the future or a chip to bargain with. I've got high hopes for Sanchez this season. This season he'll be under the tutelage of Randy Johnson, a future Hall of Famer who has a similar delivery to the young Puerto Rican. Lincecum, Cain, Sanchez and Johnson. Take the over on the Giants' SO total for the season and start making your "K" signs.

McCovey Chronicles projects Matt Cain's 2009. I like the Bill James projection, 213 IP, 192 K, 92 BB, 3.55 ERA, 13-11. Maybe his win total could be higher if Travis Ishikawa turns into Will Clark circa 1987?

The A's were off yesterday, but Sussan Slusser has some random stuff to keep you informed.

Kawakami has Bonds-ARod comparisons.

Bruce Jenkins looks at Dusty Baker's Reds and likes what he sees.


Warriors Fast Break has a player by player recap of last night's win against the Nets.

Ratto says if you are waiting for the Warriors to do something the "right" way, you're wasting your time. I Couldn't agree more.

Courtney Paris, Oklahoma women's basketball players and daughter of former 49er Bubba Paris, said she'd pay her scholarship from the school if the Sooners don't win the NCAA women's championship. And this is news, why? It's not like Oklahoma is hurting for money or can't sign other players because of Paris' scholarship. Instead of giving the money to the University she should donate it to a local charity and see if the University would match. THAT would be news worthy.

Monta, who? There's a new flavor in town, and his name is ICE. Actually, it's Anthony Randolph, but Ice would make a good nickname. Gerald Williams has been retired for a few years so I think "Ice" is available.


It's almost playoff time in the NHL, which means things are getting tight in San Jose.

The coach is cranking it up at practice these days.


A new football league will begin games this fall. Originally, the UFL was going to challenge the NFL, but now the league seems more intent with being a developmental or feeder league for the pros.

Matt Maiocco tries to answer the "Why don't the 49ers go out and get...?" question.

Andre Smith's pro day didn't go so well and the Raiders will likely be passing.

Jerry Mac has an excellent piece with his Top 10 AL-time Raiders.

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