Monday, July 6, 2009

Wire Check - 7/6/09


Matt Cain and Tim Lincecum are All Stars, but Pablo Sandoval needs YOUR help.

The A's lone all star (they have to have one, right?), earned the save yesterday to help the team avoid a sweep. How, exactly, are the A's going to get better next year?

Scott Ostler is overhyping a fifth starter, what a surprise?

RT favorite, Cam Inman, breaks down the Bay Area All Stars, and one hopeful All Star. It's going to make RT mad, but there was some some good stuff in this article. And by good, I mean useful for my own A's bashing purposes.
The A's haven't had a position player start an All-Star game since Jason Giambi in 2000. The next-most recent non-pitchers to actually start were Mark McGwire in 1992 and Dave Henderson and Rickey Henderson in 1991.
Mark Purdy really wants the A's to move to San Jose for some reason. Why is everbody surprised that Giants' ownership is so tied to its Santa Clara "rights?" Put any other owner, even Lew Wolff, in the Giants' shoes and they'd be doing the same thing. It's as simple as C.R.E.A.M. Don't bring up mileage either. Angels stadium may be 30 miles from Dodger stadium, but how long is the actual commute? The Coliseum is closer to SF than San Jose, but that's not counting the hell that is I-880. Professional sports is a business. A BUSINESS.

All I'm going off is what Becker says, but why would the A's give up two "pretty good" prospects for a 29-year old 3rd out fielder?
.255 career hitter with 51 home runs and 127 RBI in 400 games.
Really, I'm not out to bash the A's today, but I just can't help myself.


Don't get your hopes up, but there are rumors out there that Cohan is considering selling his 80% ownership of the Warriors. I'll believe it when I see it, personally.

There are still Point Guard options available and Adam Lauridsen looks for the best fit for the Warriors.


I actually watched Tennis yesterday, men's tennis. Let the record show I only watched the final set as I had figured Federer would destroy Roddick in straight sets. Good show, but it's only Tennis. Bruce Jenkins talks about how great Wimbeldon is and its great tradition and lashes out at curmudgeons like Jimmy Connors. Then, Jenkins goes on to say how being forced to listen to amateur national anthems as a baseball beat writer wore on him. What a hypocrite. YOU'RE A CURMUDGEON. Only curmudgeons use words like curmudgeon, it's a fact.


Gwen Knapp wants to tell the 49ers how to run their business. Really, Gwen Knapp? You've run how many businesses? I'm sure there are a bunch of unemployed people who would have liked to have had a furlough week instead of a pink slip, but maybe that's just me?

Jerry Mac catches up with what's been going on in Raiderland while he's been away from his blog.


If you want Soccer coverage, not just US Soccer coverage, but Mexico-Nicaragua soccer coverage, Ann Killion has you covered.

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