Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wire Check - 7/29/09

I am dedicating this wire check to a few of my friends who might need a little clarity today


For my buddy Andrews - The Giants have (had) 4 untouchable prospects (Alderson, Baugartner, Posey and Villalona) going into the trade deadline. Teams looking to win the World Series usually only trade such prospects for super star players (Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Matt Holliday, etc.). Teams looking to just make the playoffs trade them for one dimensional players.

For my buddy adrock - Adrock is a HUGE Warriors fan so I figured I would give him a basketball comparison that would allow him to better understand the Sanchez trade. The Corey Maggette signing and the Sanchez trade are very similar. Just like the Warriors, the Giants gave up too much (in a prospect as opposed to dollars) for a guy that only does one thing well. There is no doubt that Maggette can score and Sanchez can hit but that is ALL they can do.

For Koski - If we offered the Indians Villona, Alderson and a mid-level prospect for this guy, do you think we get him? I say Yes. Of course, the Giants front office is not interested in acquiring big name players that help you win World Series.

For Brian - I will hire you as Director of Trading once I run the Giants. If for no other reason then to avoid this headline.


For AJ - Your team will always be terrible as long as this guy is in the quarterback conversation.

For Tino - This guy could use some of your sound advice when it comes to personal finance. (HINT: the real money comes when you dominate on the field not in your head.)

For all Wifes, Fiances and girlfriends - This will make the perfect gift for your significant others birthday.


For Drew H. - Let the Devean George era begin!! Let's go Warriors!

For Ben - According to, this Warrior has yet to fulfill his promise. I was hoping you could inform me on what exactly that promise was. Thanks

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thefantasticpoolio said...

I think I am officially done with Bay Area sports.