Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons you should love the Freddie Sanchez Trade

10. Roberto Kelly can teach anyone how to steal a base including a guy with 10 career steals

9. The Giants pitching staff is so good they don’t need range at second base

8. The recent success of home grown pitchers leaves something to be desired.

7. Players in the early 30s only get better with age

6. Needing two different opinions on a player’s knee is a good indicator of success.

5. If Sanchez doesn’t produce (highly unlikely), the Giants can decline his option and have nothing to show for giving up some mediocre minor leaguer.

4. Bonds, Schmidt … Sanchez.

3. The Giants were getting too young. Teams built around older, experienced players always have winning seasons.

2. The Giants did not have to give up some of their best young players (Fransen,
Bowker, etc.)

1. It was about time the Giants got another light hitting .300 hitter … Edgardo Alfonzo we continue to miss you.

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