Monday, July 20, 2009

Wire Check - 7/20/09


Kawakami's getting too much sun and it's causing him to think positively about the Warriors.

Anthony Randolph didn't win the Summer League MVP, but he will be a part of the Team USA camp.


Mike Lombardi begins his first year coaching breakdown with Mike Singletary. Pretty good read talking mostly diagnosing Singletary's coaching style and what he will need to work on.


Bruce Jenkins with some random first-weekend-of-second-half-thoughts, including Matt Holliday throwing Big Mac under the bus.

When you write for a San Francisco newspaper and you[or your editor] should know better than to title and article, "HALL OF FAME: Rice about to be inducted...." Raise your hand if you were expecting to read about Jim Rice. Yeah.

Sadly, Giants' majority owner, Sue Burns, passed away after a short battle with cancer.

Stiglich's Sunday leftovers from the A's best pitching performance of the season.

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