Friday, June 26, 2009

Wire Check - 6/26/09


* The Warriors have some guts for once and took a decent player (they still should have taken DeRozan).

* Griffin is a rich man's Kevin Love and a poor man's Dwight Howard ... what does that mean? He will never be an IT player.

* Trading for Amare is one of the worst ideas the Warriors have had in at least 6 months. The only reason I want the Warriors to trade for Amare is so I can write an article calling it one of the worst trades in recent NBA history.

* Kawakami nails it with this article.


* Today's pointless Giants article about a player who will not be on the team next year.

* Last time I checked, I wrote this article the day he was signed.


* The Sharks are not talking about how the draft will not solve the problem of chocking in the playoffs.

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