Friday, June 12, 2009

Wire Check - 6/12/09


Bruce Jenkins is bitching about the Giants' 6-4 road trip? The game to bitch about was the first game in Washington where the bullpen blew the game for Lincecum.

Gwen Knapp points out the hypocrisy that is the NCAA.

Some guy (is Susan Slusser on vacation?) tries to produce some smack about the Giants to hyoe up A's-Giants this weekend. FAIL!

In Baggs' post game notes, a quote from Nate Schierholtz sums up the whole Bay Area-Giants-A's vibe.
Schierholtz said he went to more A’s games, but he was a bigger Giants fan.


Something just doesn't sound right reading Ratto's head line. Just keep those 2 girls away from that 1 cup. Ratto seems to be hinting that the Sharks may have been passed by several teams in the west, with or without Marleau.


The Warriors need a PG and this is the draft to get one. Kawakami on the latest PGs to workout with the Warriors.

MTII takes a closer look at potential Warriors' draft pick, Brandon Jennings. Thompson sums up what the Warriors choices are:
The question is going to become what the Warriors want most: a playmaker who can’t shoot (Jennings), an excellent shooter who isn’t really a true point (Stephan Curry), a shooting guard with some point guard skills (Evans), a prototype NBA point guard who needs a lot of development (Holiday), an undersized, hard-nosed PG (Flynn), or a veteran off another roster.


Matt Maiocco wraps up the latest round of 49ers OTAs with some interesting stuff about QBs coach Mike Johnson.

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