Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wire Check - 6/17/09


The Monta Situation has not diffused over time. Kawakami runs down the options that face the Warriors heading into the draft regarding The Monta Situation. Let me float my own theory out there. Riley and Nelson heard the grumblings of ME and decided to preemptively strike before Monta's trade value plummeted by him demanding a trade through the media. Rileson flew out to Memphis and massaged ME's ego and said his best option was to tow the line while Rileson look for the best deal. Rileson told ME that if he demands a trade publicly, it will make things exceedingly more difficult to move him, so they come up with some BS story about not drafting another play making guard. Aren't you supposed to draft play makers in the Top 10? Very suspicious to say the least.

Kawakami's then expands on how The Monta Situation and other actions since the back-stabbing of Mullin have reverberated around the league, and not in a good way, at all.

Kevin Love tweeted that his coach, Kevin McHale, was going to be fired and broke the story. How is it different than some unknown front office source leaking that info to someone in the media? This isn't an issue of Kevin Love mis-twittering(?), it's ownership's fault for taking too long to pull the trigger publicly.

Mark Purdy spotlights a rookie free agent with tremendous measurables, but a lot of baggage, tasered by police baggage, to hurdle before he makes it.


Frank Gore and Moran Norris are BFFs!
Isn't it strange? A tailback and his lead blocker becoming friends? Weird, right? I know.

Thanks for mailing it in, Ratto. You told us nothing and nothing.


Sammy Sosa. Tested positive. For PED's in 2003. I guess someone has to write something, but this:
If Sosa had any chance for a Cooperstown induction, Tuesday's development seriously hurt.
Sosa had almost no chance for Cooperstown before Tuesday's development and all Tuesday did was give the BBWAA more ammunition to continue being holier than thou.


The Sharks are in the mix for a Swedish goalie.

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