Friday, June 19, 2009

Wire Check - 6/19/09


All it takes is a little cynical speculation by Kawakami and the TK haters flood the comment boards. Seriously, read a few of the comments below the post, those people are insane!Even if yo believe that RileSon flew to Memphis just to tell ME he's their cornerstone and massage his ego, you should realize that is outside normal opporating procedure.

Adam Lauridsen with a nice overview of Nellie's draft history and preferences.


When Scott Ostler is taking dumps on your team, that's pretty much the bottom of the barrel, right?


Orlando Cabrera says he sucks right now. Edgar, do you have something to say for yourself?

From Rob Neyer's Friday Filberts, Ben Zobrist is leading the AL in Slugging. Almost as surprising, Torii Hunter is second.

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