Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wire Check - 6/24/09


Kawakami examines the Warriors' case for drafting Stephen Curry.

From yesterday, Kawakami compares and contrasts the Spurs and Warriors after the Spurs were able to unload three expiring contracts to add Richard Jefferson.

Bruce Jenkins says Jordan Hill will be the Warriors' pick, if they pass on a point guard.


Matt Downs is still playing 2B for the Giants and not Kevin Frandsen. RT steps back from the ledge.

Ricky Henderson is a great interview, Hall of Fame even.

The A's 1989 reunion party wasn't a bash, probably because the Bash Brothers weren't there.

Baggs makes the case for Pablo Sandoval to be an All-Star. Baggs makes another good point, sorry RT, that there should be a Bay Bridge trophy that one team keeps from season to season.


The 49ers are who they will be on opening day.

What to do with Vernon Davis?
Kevin Lynch takes a closer look.

Practive squad eligible 49ers.


This press conference remix is making the rounds, so I might as well link to it. Broadway Joe and T-Pain need to do an album!

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