Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wire Check - 6/17/09


* If you like soccer, you cannot miss FC Barcelona's visit to the Bay Area.


* The Giants have been secretly shopping Sanchez for two years and they have been holding out for a bag of Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles but the best offer they got was day old Cheetos. As a result, they realized is a mediocre pitcher and might be moving him to the bullpen.

* This is what Mel Hall's lawyer said after they handed him a 45 year prison sentence for rape: "For all the good this man has done in his life, it seems like this was an excessive verdict" HE RAPED A 12 YEAR OLD GIRL AND RUINED HER LIFE FOREVER!!! This guy should be in jail for saying that.

* Extra Baggs asks (in theory) a rhetorical question: "Can any matchup in baseball be more entertaining than Tim Lincecum vs. Vladimir Guerrero?". Lincecum v. Pujols, Manny v. Santana, Verlander v. A-Rod, King Felix v. Cabrera ... I guess nobody told a guy whose job is to watch baseball that Vlad is washed up.

* You should be kicked out of baseball if you give up a home run to Rajai Davis.


* Great players do the work to be great ... JaMarcus Russell talks about it. I would like to thank my parents for not making me a Raiders fan.


* Jonny Flynn is better than Jordan Hill but not that much better.

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