Monday, April 27, 2009

Wire Check 4/27/09


Bruce Jenkins with some second hand insight on 49ers draft pick, Nate Davis with some other draft notes and weekend baseball and basketball observations.

The 49ers landed Michael Crabtree with the #10 pick. Is he a diva? Who cares? All that matters is how he plays on Sundays. It's the greatest NFL truth.

Mike Florio, of, writing at SportingNews has his own opinion on what getting drafted 10th adn playing across the Bay from a team that passed on you might do for a diva. (Item #3)

Twittering the NFL Draft, by Cam Inman. 90% easier than writing an acutal column.

Kawakami has the winners and losers from the draft, one of each for the Bay Area teams.

In case you didn't hear, nobody liked the the Raiders draft.

Jerry Mac's draft wrap.

Dan Brown collected various draft grades from various "experts" on the 49ers draft.

Bee-rows sasy the 49ers addressed their OT/OLB needs with UFAs.

Raiders draft bashing courtesy of Kawakami. Who else?


From this weekend, Bruce Jenkins argues that the Warriors should try to acquire Andre Miller.


Thornton, Marleau and Setoguchi stepped up in game 5, but Nabokov needs to step up tonight. Seriously, has Nabokov become overrated? Was he always overrated? I mean, Jonas Hiller is schooling him this series. Jonas Hiller. Not Martin Brodeur. Jonas Hiller.

No excuses, play through your injuries, it's do or die tonight.


Steve Holm hates the Dodgers.

Scott Ostler dreams wistfully of Manny on the Giants. Get over it! Remember when the 49ers brought Kurt Warner to town and he signed the next day with the Cardinals? That's waht Manny wanted the Giants to be. Stop all the bitching about Manny. Call up Ralph on KNBR and talk about how good the Giants would have been if they'd signed Vlad five years ago. How about we focus on kicking the Dodgers ass? Good.

Did Brian Wilson stay out too late Saturday night?

Baggs says there may be a roster move before the game tonight against the Dodgers. Also, Tim Alderson and Madison Bumgarner may be making their last starts for the San Jose Giants. Me and RT went and saw Alderson pitch last week and he was pretty impressive.

Someone let me know if there's any A's news.

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