Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wire Check - 4/22/09


Joe Thornton isn't who we thought he was? Huh?

Kawakami's thoughts on last night's win.

The Sharks won a game they had to win.


Ray Ratto on when it's time to panic. (Much better version coming tomorrow at FGC.)

If you think Molina is slow now... it might not matter.

Hinshaw and his hat have been sent to Fresno and Steve Hom has been recalled to give Molina's legs some rest.

A local kid, Brad Bergesen, made his debut the Orioles yesterday. He pitched pretty well, and got a ton of run support.

Susan Slusser's pre-game notes from last night contains some good info: Joey Devine had Tommy John surgery, Nomar is hurt and so is Eric Chavez.


Bruce Jenkins want Instant Replay to live up to its name.

David White analyzes some potential Raiders' draft picks: Michael Crabtree, Andre Smith and Jeremy Maclin.

Jerry Mac's position by position rankings.

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