Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wire Check - 4/16/09


- Love him or hate him, John Madden will be missed.

- An interesting take on the Niners schedule


- The Giants can't get a walk themselves but they can give them up.

- People who know baseball called the Edgar Renteria signing terrible when it happened. People who don't know baseball are now calling it a bad signing. The Chronicle is not so sure yet. Awesome stuff.

- Wakefield continues to live the dream as a major league pitcher who throws slower than a 15 year-old in the Little League World Series.


- True or False: We will look back on the 2008-2009 Warriors as the worst team in the Bay Area during that sports year. FALSE (the 2009 Giants are much worse)

- I love that the guy who writes the fan blog for the SJ Mercury has not posted anything since April 11th. If that does not tell you something about Bay Area sports fans, I don't know what does.


- I heard two different commentators yesterday predict that the Sharks would lose in the first round. It must be NHL playoff time.

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