Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wire Check - 4/15/09


I don't know if you've heard,but the Warriors will not be voiding Monta Ellis' contract. Here is Kawakami's commentary, and here is Ratto's commentary. It was really dumb to hold this "void" thing over Ellis' head for so long, or even at all. It didn't do anything positive for the Warriors. In fact, it did the opposite. The team sent the signal that it doesn't respect its players.


Now that Cable's got the reigns, he better take advantage.

The 49ers' 2009 schedule is out.

So is the Raiders' 2009 schedule.

Does anybody really get pumped for the schedule? Apparently, Peter King didn't like how it went down this year:

4. I think the NFL is really ticking me off with the timing of the schedule-release tomorrow. By unveiling the schedule (in what -- 30 million homes, or whatever NFL Network hits right now?) Tuesday at 7 p.m., the league is depriving legions of drive-time sports-talk-radio fans the ability to dissect the schedule on the way home, or at the work water-cooler in the afternoon.

I remember listening over the years to WFAN in New York, when (since-divorced) Chris Russo and Mike Francesa would go over the local teams' slates, analyzing who had the week-by-week edge, and which teams around the league got creamed by the NFL's schedule. Now it'll be on a fraction of the nation's TV homes, and there won't be any time for debate 'til Wednesday, if it's even on radar screens by then.

He's seriously whining that east coast sports talk losers have to wait a day to call in and annoy normal people with their insane sports perspectives and ramblings?


BTW, it's Jackie Robinson Day.

Gwen Knapp says complete games are ancient history.

The A's eked out a tough out last night against the Red Sox, on the verge of a sweep.

Joe Stiglich post game notes.

Surprise of the year, Eric Chavez had an MRI. Does Billy Beane regret signing Chavez long-term over Tejada?


Ratto runs down the teams standing between the Sharks and glory.

Joe Thornton has given up some scoring to make the team better.

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