Friday, April 10, 2009

Wire Check - 4/10/09


- This looked really bad but it sounds like he is going to make it.

- I love that Madoff's tickets were sold on eBay.

- Fans in opposing ballparks have been enjoying a "good" show for years now. I am not sure why it is news that Zito "wants to deliver ... a good show"

- I cannot wait to follow a biased sports writer on Twitter during the home opener. Here is a preview: Giambi looks great, Anderson looks great, everything is great. Nomar struck out on three pitches but he looked great.


- Marshawn Lynch is a Plaxico want-to-be.


- The only story left to write about the Warriors season is whether they will cover or not. Since no one has written on story on this topic, I have decided to not waste my time or yours with a pointless link.


- The French should just come out and say this "we have no evidence but Lance is GUILTY"

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