Monday, January 5, 2009

Random Thoughts – January 5, 2009

Random Thoughts – January 5, 2009

* The most overrated player in NCAA history is Chase Budinger.

* You have to like the Ravens this week against the Titans.

* The NFL playoff system will be changed within the next two years.

* The Steelers are going to be the first team in history to get two bye weeks in the NFL playoffs. Steelers -6!!! The first lock of 2009

* The Giants are finally doing something right. Bid on guy up so your rival will have to break the bank to keep a player they could have had much cheaper a month ago. Bravo!

* I feel for Jamal Crawford. I know, I know. In the game on Friday against the T-wolves, he did his best to be a passing point guard and looked terrible. While I cannot stand his game and I think there is a reason he only plays on losing teams, I do appreciate him trying to do something different to mesh better with his new team.

* A message to all Niners fans – “The Cardinals are not as bad as you think they are and there is no reason not to believe they will not win the division again next year.”

* My gambling tip for the day. The money line on Utah to win tonight’s game against the Warriors is (-600). What that means is this – if you bet $10,000 on the Jazz tonight, you will win $1,667.67 which is 16.7% return on your money. Hedge Funds would kill for that kind of return. Now you tell me what is a safer bet – buying stock in an American company or betting the Jazz will beat the Warrior tonight in Utah!?

* I will be opening a Hedge Fund next year in Las Vegas.

* Talk to you later

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