Monday, January 26, 2009

Wire Check


Scott Ostler is embarrassed for the Clippers.

Ann Killion says Baron’s opt out has been lose-lose in hindsight.

Mark Purdy says that fans who wanted to Boo Baron should Boo Monta instead.
Steinmetz says the upcoming schedule will be a better barometer than the stint the

Warriors just finished. Also, Brandan Wright’s injury just earned Jamareo Davidson $350,000.

Adam Lauridsen has a two game review of Mont Ellis’ return and notes from the Clippers game.

Kawakami writes that Warriors fans shouldn’t read too much into the last seven games.


The A’s and Duchscherer agreed to terms. Also, here.


A Torrey Mitchell update.


Hype week begins, and Kawakami says a Cardinals win on Sunday is bad for the NFL because it ruins the “meaning” of the regular season.

In the words of Mike Singletary, I’ll say this about that:
Kawakami uses last year’s Giants and the Colts of 2006 as an example. The problem is that both of those teams were good, but didn't perform like it during the regular season. The Colts had been competing in the upper echelon of AFC teams for several years and 2006 was probably their worst regular season performance, but their best post season performance. The Giants were the #1 seed in the NFC this season despite losing Strahan to retirement, Umenyiora to injury before the year. In the NFL, Any
Given Sunday is truer than ever.

Nancy Gay looks at the latest head coaching trend in the NFL.

Bruce Jenkins is picking Arizona.

Football Outsiders Bill Barnwell on the best WR post season performance ever. It’s an ESPN Insider article, but if you aren’t subscribed, Jerry Rice is #1, by a mile.

Lowell Cohn breaks down the Super Bowl teams’ owners.


Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows both answer questions about the 49ers from readers.


The search for a head coach keeps going and going and going and going.

The search for a Defensive Coordinator is just as confusing.

College Basketball:

Ratto says it’s time for St. Mary’s coming out party.

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