Monday, January 26, 2009

Random Thoughts - January 26, 2009

Random Thoughts (Warriors Edition) – January 26, 2009

* If you take away the Warriors best player (Monta) and the Cavs best player (LeBron), the Warriors win a seven game series every time. LeBron James is that good.

* Just because I feel like piling on … trade Kobe for LeBron and the Cavs are the 7 seed in the East and the Lakers sweep the Celtics in the Finals.

* Two classic broadcaster moments from Friday night’s game:

1) In the second quarter, Jim Barnett says this about Corey Maggette “He is a really smart player”.
Do smart players exploit a weakness in the defense (Wally Szczerbiak) for three quarters and then start taking fade away jump shots in the 4th quarter to single handedly cost their team the game? Of course, Maggette only does this every night so I cannot expect Barnett to know any better.

2) During the post game, Scott Reis says “Tough way for the Warriors to end a game on the night of Monta Ellis’s triumphant return”

Triumphant (adj.): Exulting in success or victory; conquering

Hmm, losing a game at the buzzer sure sounds like exulting in victory to me.

* Reis must have naked pictures of the owner because he is a train wreck.

* If the Cavs supporting cast is mediocre, the Clippers have the worst supporting cast in the league.

* The Clippers starting back court on Sunday was Eric “I cannot dribble” Gordon and Fred “remember me from the dunk contest” Jones. Yikes.

* The Warriors were 10 point favorites and they covered. Who would have believed the Warriors would ever be double digit favorites this year – let alone cover it?

* Speaking of gambling, LeBron turned a 70% loss into 10% return with his last second heroics.

* RTNBA Fund Return: 24.9%

* Tune in tomorrow for the Warriors mid-season grades

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