Monday, December 29, 2008

Random Thoughts - December 28, 2008

* With 6 minutes left to go in the third, Warriors down 14 after a made jumper by Crawford, Barnett says “He is really starting to feel it – watch for this to continue for the rest of the quarter” … that is what we call “reaching” for something good to say.

* Niners wear their regular (errrr, throwback) jerseys and the win the game in the last seconds. Coincidence?

* No

* If Romo played for the Browns, he would be traded this off-season. Instead, he plays behind one of the best offensive lines with two quality receivers and everyone thinks he is a great quarterback. Ridiculous.

* I love the Randy Johnson signing and it has nothing to do with what he is going to do on the field.

* Brandon Wright is growing up before our eyes – it is just too bad you are missing it.

* The Niners need to make a trade for one of the few quarterbacks that will be available this off-season. The best they can do next year is 9-7 or, more accurately, out of the playoffs with Shaun Hill.

* Lets see here – you have a chance to sign a player away from your main rival that will (1) make your team much better, (2) make your rival significantly weaker, (3) sell ~300,000 more tickets than you normally would have AND (4) have your rival fans turn on their own organization. I give up – I tried to think of reasons to sign Manny – but I just couldn’t think of any.

* Warning Soccer comment in the next bullet point

* For those of you who think we (Americans) are terrible at soccer, you will be surprised to hear that (A) Brad Friedel, from Ohio, owns the record for most consecutive games played in the English Premier League and (B) Clint Dempsey, from Texas, almost single-handedly led his completely over-matched Fulham team to a 2-2 draw against mighty Chelsea with 2 goals. USA soccer is getting better.

* (1) Fred Lewis, (2) Pablo Sandoval, (3) Manny Ramirez (4) Bengie Molina – just sayin’

* Congratulations Mike Singletary and the 49ers front office for doing something right!


Koski said...

Shaun Hill, 7-3 as a starter, 5-0 at home.

I'm not saying Shaun Hill is the answer, but the 49ers should not trade anything higher than a fourth round pick for a QB.

RT said...

Don't worry. Everyone I talk to agrees with you. Of course, all of you know nothing.