Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wire Check - 8/6/09


* The worst Giants signing yet and Sabaen is not to blame for this HUGE mistake.

* There must be someone out there who thinks the Raiders are worth following.

* Everything you may or may not want to know about the Niners training camp.


* Nothing would make me happier than to see some team give Rajai Davis more than $1 mm to play baseball. I really think there is a chance Beane gives him a Terrance Long contract (3 years, $11 mm). Awesome.

* Andrew Baggarly had a great chance to write about how much sense it makes for Fielder to play for the Giants now that he hates the Dodgers but he decided to write something pointless about him wanting to go after Jonathan Sanchez. Sometimes I think it is amazing that guys with this much access can write such bland garbage.

* I love that piling on Moneyball is getting out of hand.


* This week tells you how Americans like to watch high quality soccer. Next week, he will tell you that Americans would rather watch the San Francisco Giants instead of the Fresno Grizzles. I really don't understand why newspapers are going out of business.

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