Monday, August 17, 2009

Wire Check - 8/17/09


Bruce Jenkins is not a fan of Fred Lewis. [SFGate] 2009 was Fred Lewis' year to prove himself as a legitimate piece of future Giants lineups and he has failed to live up to that billing. Next.

Kawakami took a break from watching Tiger lose the PGA Championship to update us on the Giants performance since the Sanchez/Garko acquisitions. 6-7 and scoring 2.8 runs over their last nine games and Garko has one extra base hit. We're sure it's Ryan Garko and not Shea Hillenbrand? Positive? [Merc News]

Heeeeeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaack. Starting tonight for the Oakland A's...........Brett Tomko! [CC Times]

Not a lot of positives in the post game wrap from Baggs. [Merc] Randy Winn finally had a good at bat and they lost anyways and Fred Lewis wouldn't man up to dropping a ball on Saturday. Fantastic.


49ers RB, Thomas Clayton, was waived/IR'd after his season ending injury. [Press Democrat] The team waived him so he wouldn't be counted against their roster limit, but will be put on IR after he clears and then will be paid.

Matt Maiocco also went down the roster for player by player evaluations from the preseason opener. [Press Democrat]

Kevin Lynch breaks down the 49ers' first drive, play by play. [SFGate]

Jeff Garcia should be hitting the field soon for the Raiders. [CC Times]


Tiger couldn't close the door for the first time at a majort. [Merc News]

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