Monday, August 10, 2009

Wire Check - 8/10/09

I'm going to look over my fantasy article one more time and then post and send to you.


Bruce Jenkins likes the match-ups for the Giants against the Dodgers, starting tonight. I don't know if I like the Joe Martinez or Jonathan Sanchez match-ups, but it goes without saying this is a huge series for the Giants. The Giants and Rockies are only 5.5 games behind the Dodgers. A home sweep and the Giants are only out 2.5 games. If the Giants want to be for real this season, they have to take two of three, at least.

Kawakami returns from vacation with sarcastic praise for Zito and real praise for the man of the hour, Eugenio Velez. The moneyline:
-Put together this stat line since the call-up: .423 BA/.454 OPS/.673 SLG/ 1.137 OPS. Crazy stats.
Ray Ratto goes deeper into the Eugenio Velez story.

Every once and a while, Scott Ostler writes something that doesn't suck. Oh, how the tables have turned! Oh, the irony! I can't wait for the Man-Ram boos at AT&T. I want to thank the Dodgers fans for

Wow, a really interesting story from the Dallas Morning News', Tim Cowlishaw relating to Josh Hamilton's recent incident. I have to say, it was really refreshing to read this piece, but I'm quite sure why.

Susan Slusser from her A's blog yesterday morning said
I respect the sentiment, but just because Suzuki wants to play every day doesn't mean he should, especially in this kind of weather.
I highlight this quote because sometimes, even when your reasoning is sound, it blows up in your face. Kurt Suzuki was 2-4 with a home run yesterday.

The Blue Jays put a bunch of players through waivers like all teams do August 1st, but Alex Rios was reportedly claimed by a team. If so, Schulman says it's not likely the Giants.


Matt Maiocco's latest and greatest with 49ers QB coach, Michael Johnson. Johnson is a young coach on the rise, despite being unemployed last season and if the Singletary coaching staff survives in SF, Johnson could be Jimmy Raye's heir apparent.

From Michael Crabtree to Stephen Strasburg, Bruce Jenkins is sick of these rookie holdouts! The good news is the NFL should have rookie max contracts in the next CBA, whether that comes before or after a lockout, we'll have to wait and see.

Gwen Knapp says the best way to put pressure on Michael Crabtree to get into camp will be for Josh Morgan, Jason Hill and Dominique Ziegler to have a good showing in Friday night's exhibition opener against the Bronocs.

Jerry MacDonald sat down with Sanjay Lal of the Raiders for a Q&A.

Meanwhile, DHB is working on his hands.


Mark Purdy presents his annual Top 25 Bay Area sports power players. Gary Radnich is down to #25! WTF?

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