Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wire Check - 8/24/09


- While I would suggest that the Giants playoff chances ended when they failed to sign Manny, I think we can all agree they officially ended last night. [SF Gate]

- Jeff Kent may not be a Hall of Fame guy but there is doubting how important he was to the Giants. [SF Gate]

- Is there anything more pointless than reading an article on a team's website? [sfgiants.com]


- This is why I hate Bay Area sports. Mediocre coaches in poor towns in the mid-west (see Kirk Ferentz at Iowa) get paid millions of dollars and the capital of venture capital is mad that a rich Stanford booster gave Jim Harbaugh a nice bathroom. [SJ Mercury]

- Shaun Hill will start for the 49ers. In other news, the Niners will fail to make the playoffs because they have Chicago Bears disease: good defense wasted by not having a good Quarterback. [SJ Mercury]


- The Warriors finally make a good move by signing a Hoosier. [Contra Costa Times]

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