Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Thoughts - November 3, 2008

* Michael Crabtree did not steal the National Championship from Texas but he might have stolen the Heisman from Colt McCoy.

* The Chicago Bulls went 55-27 the year Michael Jordan decided to play baseball. How many games do you think the Warriors are going to win when Baron decided to make movies?

* Does anybody remember who won the World Series?

* I will take Florida -5 in any game they play for the rest of the season and I doubt I will find a person who will take the other side of that bet.

* Who is the only person that can make Alex Smith look like a good quarterback? JaMarcus Russell

* The over/under on the number of games the Warriors win by 3 or less is 4.

* If this year does not change the BCS structure than nothing will.

* The next economic bubble to burst is the sports bubble. While many teams will make it out of this ok, there will be quite a few that need to be bailed out by, at the minimum, the other rich teams in the league. (The baseball winter meetings could double as bankruptcy court next year)

* I would like to thank the Croatian water polo team for coming to the party I was at on Friday night. (Those of you that were there know what I am talking about)

* Who got the worst of the Texas Tech win on Saturday night?

A) The Texas football team that now has to win out to even have a chance to make it to the BCS title game.


B) The Gameday crew that now has to stay in Lubbock, TX for another week

* A) because ESPN is going to move Gameday to Baton Rouge this weekend for fear of a mutiny by the crew

* Can they please announce the Cy Young award winner already … I want to put the Giants season to rest

* Unless Manny Ramirez learns how to locate a 95 mph fastball, I don’t think the Yankees are stupid enough to sign him.

* Stanford decided to give its season ticket holders two free tickets to the Washington State game this year in order to have a full stadium and get people to come out and see their overachieving football team … nothing like a driving rain storm to get people out to the stadium.

* At least, they won 58-0.

* Who is excited for Warriors-Grizzles tonight!?

* Talk to you soon


Koski said... thoughts

1) Michigan State 8-2? Despite overhyped/overworked Javon Ringer?

2) Why is the third game of the W's season not televised, on a Saturday?

3) Classic Nellie quote from Sat. re: Harrington, "He thinks he's a superstar. I think he's a very good player. If he wants to be traded, we'll try to accommodate him,"

4) Baron Davis has played 42 minutes in 3 games and won't play tonight.

5)Just when you thought the Raiders could make up ground in the least despicable bay area NFL team, 305 to -2 yards in the 1st half.

6) The Sharks are good, but nobody really cares. I care, but I know you don't.

7) Have you ever seen Matt Schaub and Peanut Brittle in the same room? I haven't.

8)A.I. and his expiring contract for Chauncy and McDyss. Does Detroit now get the inside track to either Dwayne Wade or LBJ in 2010?

9) The return of Sexy Rexy. Next up, Titans D. Uh-oh.

10) Speaking of the Titans here' their remaining schedule: @CHI, @JAX, vs. JETS, @DET, v. CLE, @Hou, v. PIT, @IND

14-2 seems almost likely with weeks 16 & 17 being the toughest matchups, especially if TEN has home field wrapped up.

RT said...

1) 8-2 is a gift from Wisconsin

8) They get to sell more tickets because they have AI and they get to save money. The Nuggets get Carmelo as a gift and keep finding ways to screw it up.

9) Prediction - Bears: 14, Titans: 10

RT said...

6) Sharks? Never heard of them

Koski said...

* Crabtree - 49ers #1 pick?

* The Phillies won and i'm already sick of them. It's deja vu 2004.

* Re: Alex Smith, Tim Couch, David Carr, Derek Anderson?

* Obama will legislate a NCAA playoff.

*Croatian Water Polo - was Jeff Kent there?

* Seriously, give me Lincecum Cy Young already!

Bonus - What would you trade Matt Cain for?

I'll take Fielder and Hardy.