Monday, November 10, 2008

Random Thoughts - November 10, 2008

Random Thoughts – 11/10/08

* Did you hear that the Penn St. quarterback, Daryll Clark, apologized to the fans for his poor play? I am just wondering why he waited more than two weeks after the Ohio St. game to apologize

* If Mark Sanchez played for an SEC team, he would have been benched by now. There is no way Pete Carroll is not telling his assistants … “John David Booty was actually pretty good”

* Even a 9-0 record cannot make powder blue look good on a football uniform

* If you find a guy who can throw a ball more than 30 yards accurately with any kind of velocity, you have a franchise quarterback. Under no circumstances should you get rid of him.

* Besides Brian Urlacher, I would trade any player on the Bears roster and any number of draft picks to the Browns for Derek Anderson.

* Besides Patrick Willis, I would trade any player on the Niners roster and any number of draft picks to the Browns for Derek Anderson.

* Besides nobody, I would trade any player on the Raiders roster and any number of draft picks to the Browns for Derek Anderson.

* Only one more day to wait for the biggest day of the Giants season – it’s about time

* You know your franchise has low standards when they beat two teams they should beat in the playoffs and are set to miss the playoffs the next year and the coach is in no danger. Chargers football - where powder blue and Norv Turner are perfectly acceptable

* I am already super stocked on the blockbuster trade the Warriors are going to make in two years involving Brandan Wright

* Is there any difference between Giants baseball and Cal football? Both generally enjoy high expectations and then let their fan base down year after year after year … at least you get an internationally recognized degree at Cal.

* If the line for the Stanford-USC game is anything short of USC -28, every penny I have is on USC. Pete Carroll is going to run it up.

* How good is Kevin Martin? Seriously, I am not sure if he is just a good player on a bad team or a good player that would be great if he had anything around him.

* Biedrins is solidifying himself as one of the great non-IT players in the league. When you can’t beat Spencer Hawes one-on-one you know that you really are not as good as your stats.


Koski said...

Really? Really? You're going to bash Andris? Unbelievable.

He's the one guy who has shown improvement year to year, including this one and you bash him?

Andris isn't a 1-on-1 player, that's not his game. I don't care if it's Yao or Spencer Hawes or Patrick O'Bryant. Andris gets boards and he scores at a high percentage. He has decreased his personal fouls and increased his FT%. He is 22. He doesn't have a PG to set him up this year.

Stick with the classics. Ripping Harrington & too many jumpers.

Maybe you're lashing out because Garbage Time hasn't been playing because of his hammies.

* What's everyone going to think after MSU destroys Penn State, also?

* The Titans have an excellent color scheme. I think you're tainted by NC's uniforms. Clouding your judgment.

* I would not trade Frank Gore for Derek Anderson. You said "... who can throw a ball more than 30 yards accurately...", well Derek Anderson '06 56% comp. '07 56% comp. That is not accurate.

*Matt Holliday, great trade that Sabean would NEVER even think about doing.

Koski said...

Derek Anderson '08 - 49%

RT said...

You are making the HUGE assumption that completion percentage is a true barometer of passing accuracy.

News flash: Nobody on the Browns can catch the ball.

Ripping on Harrington is too easy

Maybe we should go with a PTI type sports site. We both know a lot about sports and we rarely agree about anything.

Think about it.

You are right about Frank Gore. I forgot about it him

Don't even try to defend the Titan uniforms.

I am not sure I like the idea of giving up Carlos Gonzalez but Billy Beane does like his draft picks

In addition, i cannot wait for Cain to throw at Holiday in the first interleague game

RT said...

I almost forgot

Cal Football = San Francisco Giants baseball = MSU Football

Stick to basketball

Koski said...

* You nailed MSU football. Perennial underachievers that choke hard when they actually have a decent squad.

I do like the PTI style site idea.
I'm sure we could figure out a good way to format it and make it interesting for readers. I can already tell, I'm the half-full guy and you're the end-is-nigh guy.

*Here's the thing with DA's comp %, how many drops have his receiver's had, and I realize a drop isn't always listed as a "drop"? 15? 20 at the most? If you add 20 more completions to his total this year you get...58 %, pretty close to his 56% the past two seasons.

In 2003, Brady has a similar year to DA's 2007.

'03 Brady completed 317 of 527 for 60%. Leading receivers: Deion Branch(57), Keving Faulk (48) and Troy Brown (40)

'07 Anderson completed 298 of 527 for 56%. Leading receivers: Winslow(82), Edwards (80) and Jurevicius(50)

Obviously, Anderson threw more deep passes and that dictates less accuracy, but Anderson, Winslow and Edwards made the Pro Bowl last season. I would argue that Anderson made the Pro Bowl because of Edwards and Winslow and not the other way around.

Also, 29-19 TD-INT for DA last year, 23-12 for Brady in '03.

Do the Browns not run their routes and have the dropsies or is it another example of inaccuracy?