Monday, November 17, 2008

Random Thoughts - Nov. 17, 2008

Random Thoughts – Nov. 17, 2008

* Anthony Morrow: WTF?

* The Stanford touchdown at the end of the USC game was the second greatest gambling moment of the 21st century. USC was all set to cover until … 1) Stanford attempted to kick a FG (which would not have affected the spread) 2) But Pete Carroll got pissed and screwed over at least 25,000 USC gamblers by “icing” the kicker 3) Jim Harbaugh (who is just as big an egomaniac as Pete Carroll) decided to go for the end zone instead. 4) Stanford scored a touchdown as time expired and USC doesn’t cover.

* The greatest gambling moment: Chris Duhon hitting a half court three as time expired against UCONN in the final four in 2004

* I also love how Jim Harbaugh said the quarterback “convinced” him to go for it. Does anybody believe that? Yes, the Chronicle

* How did the Lakers lose to the Pistons at home? People in LA had a tough weekend of sports gambling

* Damon Bruce talked about as much $hit as you can talk about Mike Singletary on his Friday show. He even went as far as to say he needs to blow out the Rams to prove he can coach. If this guy was doing a show in NY, he would have been fired this morning. However, nobody is going to say anything to him today. The West Coast where accountability doesn’t happen

* Does anybody actually watch the Raiders?

* I don’t care how many people disagree with me – Baron Davis would have cared if he was on the Warriors right now.

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Koski said...

Damon Bruce is in the Larry Kruegger slot. He can say as much as he wants until he crosses the line with a border line racial epithet.

You've listened to Bruce and the people that call in on that show. It's like a group of 50 people, or as Sabean calls them, the Lunatic Fringe.

Now, will Bruce eat his words and give Singletary at least some respect for destroying the Rams(who really, really suck, especially without SJAX), or will he whine about the 13-0 outscoring in the second half?