Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wire Check - 10/7/09


* Crabtree is actually going to play for the Niners!? It's a miracle! [ESPN]

* I have never agreed with Ray Ratto in the past but I actually agree with him here [SF Gate]

* Which incident do you think the Commissioner is referring to? [CC Times]


* I will admit it - I love Warriors basketball and Tim Kawakami does a great job reporting on it. More on Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry. [SJ Merc]


* Its never to early to discuss what players the Giants will either fail to sign or overpay for. Welcome to the off-season. Also, please don't sign Jermaine Dye. [SF Gate]


* I don't know about you but I am excited for the Sharks slow start ... they may be saving their energy for the playoffs for once. Go Sharks! [SJ Merc]


* Sometimes sports and sex can sell together. [ESPN]

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