Monday, October 5, 2009

Wire Check - 10/5/09


Tidbits from the 49ers' mauling of the St. Louis Rams. [SFGate]

The Raiders are _______. Cam Inman chose "lacking leadership and offense" for today's column. [CC Times]

Some Niners were skeptical about the pink breast cancer awareness cleats, but it was only momentary. [SFGate]

The blame game is about to begin and heads will roll. Not Al Davis' head, of course. [SFGate]

The tsunami in Samoa hit close to home for Isaac Sopoaga, but he was relieved to hear his family was safe. [Merc]


Giants season - Over. [Merc]

A's? Been over. [CC Times]


Warriors played their first exhibition game last night against the Clippers. [CC Times]


After a disappointing opening game, the Sharks went to town on the Ducks. [Merc]

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