Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wire Check - 10/27/09

Welcome to Christmas morning aka opening night of the NBA! In honor of the best day of the year, today's wire check will be all about the best league in world.

First lets sum up everything else.

* Raiders need to draft a quarterback
* Alex Smith is good, Jeff Garcia would be better
* The Giants need a hitter but will overpay for Holiday instead
* The A's need a new GM
* The Sharks are better than ever and the only team worth rooting for.


* Don Nelson is excited for the season ... I am excited for his resignation. [SF Gate]

* According to some the Warriors are the second worst team in the West. This writer would be a good example of a Dub fan (aka someone who has been watching NBA basketball for less than 5 years and thinks this Warriors team is really bad when really it is one of the best Warrior teams in the last 14 years. You can read my preview tomorrow) [SJ Merc]

* Who says the Clippers are cursed? [ESPN]

* Still the best sports information site on the internet. [CNNSI]

* You know whats funny, I have been calling for this lineup change for over a year. [CC Times]

* Everyone agrees, the Warriors are not going to the playoffs [ESPN]

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